Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Oedipus - Fate and Identity mingle

How exactly are our identities shaped and formed?

Fate is defined as the development of events beyond our control. We may think of fate as mystical, something only for those who believe in the supernatural. But in reality, fate is all around us. For example many religions rely on fate to explain things and justify their religions.  If fate controls us, as it did Oedipus, does it also control our identity? If we look closer at the story of Oedipus it seems as though that fate truly does dictate who we are as well as what will happen in our lives. Oedipus and his family try to escape the cursed life that lies before them, but in their efforts they end up allowing for the prophesy to come true. Throughout the story Oedipus's fate dictates the decisions he makes and how he acts, leaving the reader to wonder if it could have been prevented or if fate would have acted on Oedipus in other ways.

Fate seems to control who we will become and therefore shapes our identities, but it must first be determined if we believe in such a thing, for if we don't, what does form our identities?